Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2 girls 4 cameras and a 7000km journey through Croatia

After 2 days, 3 airports, a bus and a ferry Tammy and I made our way to Brac Island Croatia. The Island Of Brac is the largest of the central Dalmatian Group in the Adriatic Sea. The island is dominated by limestone. This stone has been used for centuries to build the cities all over Dalmatia, and  the White house in Washington. All over the island there are thousands of piles of rock hand stacked by the women centuries ago to clear the land for farming.
After a wet ride from Split to Brac. We arrive in Supetar the largest settlement on Brac, pop 3400. They tell us that today was the first day it has rained in 50 days, what luck we have.

The Parish Church of St Peter (from which the town derives its name) stands on the side of an old chapel which was restored in 1773 in a Baroque architectural Style. Amongst the old stone buildings and narrow stone streets are olive groves, which is a major agricultural importance in this area.

After a 35km scooter ride to the south side of the island on a hwy that at times felt like we were filming an episode of dangerous road truckers, we ended up in Bol. Bol is know for its most popular beach Zlatni Rat. This beach is a peninsula of pebble rock( no sand castle making in croatia), this beach visibly moves with the tidal movement. On a still day the stones on the sea floor that are more then 30 feet away seem only an arms length away. The water was cold but felt amazing.

and that is all you will see of that LOL

After a great day on the scooter some laughs and some rather interesting sites( ie the nudist beach) just some things you shouldnt see LOL we ended our day looking out over Supetar.
Stay tuned as we board the ferry over to Split where we will stay in the Diocletians Palace