Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Preserving your unique wedding details of your special day.

A Wedding is a grand celebration of a couples love for each other, shared by family and friends. This wedding day is the start of the rest of the bride and grooms lives together

A couple will spend many months planning a  wedding, and it will cost many dollars, for that one special day. Just think of all the planning that goes into this day, allot of decisions need to be made. The location needs to be decided upon and booked, dresses and suit fittings, cake and flowers, guest lists created, invitations, vows need to be written, the list seems endless.

The unique details you've gone through such effort to find that make your wedding extraordinary are so important to capture and preserve. No detail is more important than the rings you have chosen to wear to show your bond of love and commitment  to one another.

No matter how chaotic or behind the day is going, I will make or find time to capture the little details which the bride and groom labored to choose. The details fade, the dress will get packed away or sold, the cake will be eaten, the jewelry will be lost of broken, its just a fact and these details  will most likely be forgotten.

As a photographer I want to make sure every detail of your special day is preserved and cherished for years to come.

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