Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Split Croatia

Welcome back.! I hope you enjoyed my last post of our travels to Brac Island.  If you did not yet read this post scroll down below this one.

The Next leg of our journey to Croatia brought us by ferry to the city of Split. Split is also one of the oldest Cities in the area considered just over 1700 years old.

 Our apartment was in the center of the Diocletian's Palace as seen in the photo above.  Diocletian's Palace was the retirement home of Roman Emperor Diocletian. In AD 293 the palace started construction for 10 years it was built from the limestone from Brac Island. As I referenced in my last post. This massive Structure was built like a Roman Military Fortress. It faces the sea with its walls 700 feet long and 70 feet high enclosing 9.5 acres.

Today the palace is the inner core of the city, shops, markets, no car trafiic , and in the center of the palace the Ancient Cathedral of St Duje and the Bell Tower. After a long climb to the top the view was breathtaking. The bell tower stands 75 feet tall 9 feet thick walls, surrounded by 28 granite and marble columns.

Just outside the Palace walls stands the Statue of Grgur Ninski. He was a 10th century Bishop. It is said that rubbing the statues toe is to bring good luck.

As Tammy and I sat having some lunch I couldn't resist to put on my zoom lens and sneak some shots of this wedding under the Bell Tower, all while sitting at our table not bad.

I hope you enjoyed this trip to Split. Next up a 12hour ferry ride from Split to Dubrovnik.

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